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Toxic Asset (Business Law) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Toxic Asset (Business Law) - Essay Example Toxic assets are also known as dead assets because they have been utilized in the past and they are of no more value at present. â€Å"Toxic assets had a value at some point in time† (Smith, 2010). Toxic assets do not have any present value whereas many people, who have such assets, believe that their toxic assets are still of the same value as they had in the past. However, the reality of the value of those toxic assets is quite different. Toxic assets often result in minimizing the liquidity of the organizations that possess such assets. It is because of the fact that toxic assets have no clear value and if the financial organizations such as banks acquire a large number of toxic assets assuming them to be of great value, minimal liquidity occurs because the value of the assets does not increase in reality, rather it just increases in the bankbooks. The banks find it very difficult to sell the assets in order to get the blocked money back in hands. Toxic assets are neither good for financial organizations nor for the economy of a country. They are worthless for the banking institutions as it becomes difficult for the banks to sell them to some other person at a reasonable price. Even if the financial sector of a country attempts to cope with toxic assets, the result is most likely to be the radical freefall of the country’s economy. Toxic asset is a form of Mortgage-Backed securities. Mortgage-Backed securities include loans that are given by a bank to a person to help the person build his own house. Banking institutions provide loan to the people, which is taken back from them along with interest on monthly basis. The repayment of loans to the banks is not an easy process for the people as the repayment is composed of high interest and the principal amount. When the people are not left with enough money to repay the loans to the banks due to increased sub-prime mortgage interest rates, the cycle stops and

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Niche Bakeries Essay Example for Free

Niche Bakeries Essay Niche bakeries are becoming more popular though the last few years. These types of bakeries specialize in a certain type of baked goods and showcase them for their customers as well as having other types of more common baked goods available. This is the type of business that I would create. My niche bakery would specialize in individual cupcakes and pies as well as baking larger cakes and pies to order. Local customers will consist of area residents, business owners and students that can easily walk over to the bakeries location while on lunch break or after school and work to purchase what they want, and with the Internet available, I can expand my consumer base and ship my goods all over the United States. Customers can place their orders online, and I will be able to ship the product to their door. The area in which I reside does not have a type of bakery like this. We currently have a Wal-Mart and a Kroger’s Grocery if we want to purchase baked goods. While they are both good and they are also cheap considering their product, my bakery would offer a fresh home baked quality of product that could offer them some competition. I would say in this area, my niche bakery would be a monopoly market as that it would be the only one in this location. I would be able to set the prices for my product but would still need to keep in mind that if the price is too high, my potential customers will go back to purchasing their goods from the grocery chain bakeries. Looking at a broader area as with the Internet, I could say that I am in a monopolistic competition. Each niche bakery that sells baked goods such as this have relatively the same pricing, no one business sets the price for the other businesses. It is still a smaller industry but there are others in which I must compete for business. So advertising and a well made website will figure prominently in showcasing the goods I am selling in the best possible light. Elasticity of demand in a bakery is very important to know. If the price of ingredients goes up, the bakery owner must adjust for this increase. The higher the price elasticity of the product the less volume of the product that will be output, if for instance the demand for the product was highly elastic, then it wouldn’t make sense to increase the price of the product. The company would lose business because of this. Below in figures 1A and 1B is data that has been taken from the Bureau of Economic analysis from three different industries that are related to the niche bakery business. Between the years of 2007 to 2011, there shows a decrease in the earlier years but an increase within the year of 2011of growth in the food service and food and beverage industries. The retail industry has show a sharp increase and decrease in these years. Taking into consideration the growth in each of the food industries though, I can make the assumption that this is a business that could flourish and grow with the right type of marketing, promotion, and sales products. In looking at this type of business for my area, I have talked to some of the local residents and have found that they were amenable to a new specialty bakery in the area. This impromptu survey showed that the residents in the area expressed an interest in purchasing baked goods that were of homemade quality rather than mass produced market products. Increasing Revenue In order to increase revenue in this business, there are several things that would be necessary. Below are charts and tables regarding costs and revenues showing where breakeven points are and where profits can be made. However, one way to increase revenue, is to offer something the bigger superstores in the area are not. Make the product stand out by creating those special items like fruit compote filled cupcakes, special flavors not normally offered by the larger stores like Orange flavored cupcakes. Even offering some gluten free and vegan types of baked goods can bring in increased  revenue. Another way to increase revenue is to offer free samples; welcome customers in with a smile and offer them a free sample of some of the products available. By doing this, the customer can get an idea and a taste of the product and if they like it they may turn into a return customer and bring others with them. Also, offering a loyalty program can help to keep repeat customers coming in. Using a stamp card that offers a free product after so many purchases is one such loyalty program that other bakeries have used in the past that have worked. And in a small town region such as the one I live in, being a part of the community can go a long way to getting the name of my business out there and creating a customer base that can increase my revenue. People are more apt to purchase products from someone they know in order to help support businesses in the community. Profit maximizing Determining the profit maximizing quantity shows the incremental changes in profit for a company’s product. In calculating the profit maximizing quantity I will need the sales and expense reports for my proposed business. From this is can gather the profits at each level of sales. These numbers can then be calculated to show the marginal profit for each incremental change in profit. The marginal profit is defined as the change in profit for each additional unit sold. We can then use this information to determine the maximizing quantity. This is the amount that can be sold before the marginal profit starts to recede into the negative. By doing this I can figure out how much of a discount I could give on my products if they were bought in a bulk batch. For example if someone wanted a several dozens of cupcakes or miniature pies for a party. Marginal Costs and Marginal Revenue Marginal costs and revenues are used to find out how much it will cost to product additional units of goods for a company. I could use this as a way to figure out my total costs I would need to produce a product in my bakery. For instance below in Figure 1C I have created a chart to calculate the total revenue, marginal revenue, marginal cost and profit of different quantities of one type of cupcake. For this data I used a fictional total cost of 0.91 cents. This is what I figured it would cost to make just one  cupcake. From there I was able to calculate each of the columns using the formulas in Figure 1D. Figures 1E shows the startup costs and the estimated monthly costs of running a niche bakery of this kind. Figure 1F and 1G show the total fixed costs, total variable costs, the total cost and total revenue as well as the profits to be made in a table and a graph. The chart and graph also show the breakeven point. This is the point where that the production of a certain quantity of cupcakes will allow me to break even and then after that be able to show a profit. The breakeven point for the quantity of cupcakes is 6.5 cupcakes which means a profit will start showing at 7 cupcakes with a profit of 31 cents. Pricing and Non-pricing Strategies Pricing strategies that I could use for my bakery would be to offer lower prices on my website to customers that I will be shipping my product to, in location I can keep my prices competitive with other bakeries that are in larger cities. As a way of keeping waste to a minimum I can offer goods that are left over to the next day at half the original price. This was something I saw as a child at a local doughnut shop. The proprietor offered the day old goods at a fraction of a price. He was still making a profit,  but also there was less unnecessary waste because people would buy these up quickly. For non-pricing strategies I would rely on advertising of my product as one that is made with quality ingredients. As well as letting the customer base know that each of the goods available are made from scratch. I do not believe that a barrier can be created or increased because the bakery business has been in the market for a number of years. Also, because it is a niche bakery, it is a branch off the traditional type of bakery. Product Differentiation Some ways to introduce product differentiation would be to make my product with seasonal items and local produce. Where I live we have raspberry and strawberry farms as well as apple, and other fruits. It would be easy to have the produce shipped to the store when it was in season from the local farms, or even picked up to create fillings, jellies, and other sundry items that I could sell in my bakery to the local residents. Cost Minimization Cost minimization would be hard to do in this instance, because I want to retain a quality product from good quality ingredients. I could minimize cost by purchasing my ingredients in bulk. This would give me a lower price per unit of measure. I could also purchase lower end products. However, if I were to purchase lower end products like margarine instead of real butter, this would be a significant drop in cost; however it would also be a significant drop in quality. I believe minimizing cost may not be feasible given the quality of the product. Conclusion Creating a business is a large endeavor not to be thought on lightly. There are many avenues to pursue in order to figure out and find the data needed to find out if the business a person wants to create is the right one for their location and meets the needs of their community. If they do create a business, there are different ways to figure out how to keep revenue coming in and finding ways to create more revenue. Each of the sections of this proposal allowed me to take a better look at the type of business I would consider opening. References Bureau of Economic Analysis. (2012). Retrieved from Gaines, M. (2012). Guide to the Bakery Business. Retrieved from bakery-business-2400.html Isidro, I. (2009). Starting a Bakery: Success in the Niche Food Business. Retrieved from Kimmons, R. (2012). Pricing Vs. Nonpricing Strategies. Retrieved from moffatt, M. (2012). Marginal Revenue and Marginal Cost Practice Question. Retrieved fro

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The Relationship of Drug-Trafficking and Terrorism in the United States Of America :: Essays Papers

The Relationship of Drug-Trafficking and Terrorism in the United States Of America It’s so Important for Americans to know that the traffic of drugs finances the work of terror, sustaining terrorists, that terrorists use drug profits to fund their cells to commit acts of murder. If you quit drugs you join the fight against terror in America. - President George W. Bush Upon recently watching a movie titled â€Å"Blow,† I found myself asking how something like such could be related to the embassy bombing events and others, like the bombing of the World Trade Centers, and I quickly discovered that there are thousands of ways in which this is possible. In fact it is relevant enough that the past two Presidents (Clinton/Bush Jr.) have drawn up plans to stop it and it appears that America has an opportunity to tackle two rather large problems in one fight, killing two birds with one stone per say. The only question left too answer would be what sacrifices will the citizens of America be forced to make? Where will the line be drawn in the security and privacy of citizens. How much are you willing to give up to lower your chances of being the recipient of a terrorist attack? (Drug Enforcement Agency hosts symposium on topic) â€Å"The links between terrorism and narcotrafficking are real and growing, according to current and former U.S. officials who participated in a special symposium December 4 at the headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Hosted by the DEA Museum & Visitors Center, ‘Target America: Traffickers, Terrorists and Your Kids’ brought together government officials with the private-sector experts in an effort to educate the American public about what DEA Administrator Asa Hutchingson called the ‘extraordinary link between drugs and terrorism.’ The symposium was part of an effort by the Association of Former federal Narcotics Agents (AFFNA) to develop a museum exhibit and educational program that will explore this theme. In remarks opening the symposium, Hutchinson said there is ‘a strong case to be made that drug trafficking proceeds are being funneled to terrorists organizations,’ such as the Taliban, the FARC group in Colombia and Islamic Jihad. ‘It is clear the bin Laden’s terrorism has been protected by a regime funded by opium trafficking,’ he added. U.S. Representative Mark Souder (Republican, Indiana) told symposium participants that the interrelationship between drugs and terrorism is not new.

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Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest Essay

1. What does the play say about marriage? The play says many things about marriage.   One is that marriage can be quite complicated when there is deceit even if the feelings involved are genuine.   Another is that there are so many trivial things that society considers â€Å"important† that disregards the true meaning of marriage.   Another is that parental consent and money still play an important role in matrimony. 2. What is the significance of the names? The word Earnest means sincere. However, the play showed how that sincerity is downplayed by the many trivial things that society expects from individuals.   Ms. Prism’s name is also significant because it was her character that finally shed light on the true background of Jack – who later became truly Earnest. 3. Suggest some of the things that Wilde is poking fun at in this play. Wilde made fun of the way women can be so assuming of relationships as can be seen with Cecily’s account of how she and Algy became engaged and how Gwendolyn fled from her mother to go to Jack.   The author also made fun of the way society can be deceived by many aspects of a person beside his true self (e.g. names and money).   This was especially evident in the way the name Earnest became so important that Algy and Jack had wanted to be re-baptized with it. Marriage was also funny because it gave too much importance on money and family background before it considers the true person. 4. What is your favorite character and why? I loved the character of Ms. Prism because at first she seemed to be only a minor character but in the end, the story actually centered on her misgivings.

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How to Care for and Protect Old Photographs

Whether it is paintings on cave walls or writings chiseled in stone, mankind has been recording history  since the  beginning of time.  The ability to document history photographically is a more recent invention, however, beginning with the daguerreotype in 1838. Photographs provide a very important visual connection to our ancestors. Shared family physical characteristics, hairstyles, clothing styles, family traditions, special events, and more provide a graphic portrayal of the lives of our ancestors, but if we do not properly care for our photographs, some of our history will fade away right along with those precious images. What Causes a Photo to Deteriorate? Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and sunlight affect photographs more than any other factor. Cyclic conditions (high heat and humidity followed by cold, dry weather such as you would find in an attic or basement) are especially bad for photos and may cause cracking and separation of the emulsion (image) from the support (paper base of the photo).  Dirt, dust, and oil are also big culprits of photographic deterioration. Storage Tips The worst places to store your photographs are in an un-insulated attic or basement. Constant high temperatures and humidity in the summer and low temperatures and humidity in the winter can cause your photographs to become brittle and crack. In severe cases, it may cause separation of the emulsion (image) from the support (paper base) of the photo. Dampness can cause photographs to stick together. Insects and rodents, commonly found in basements, also like to feed on photos. The best conditions for storing photographs are in a location with a consistent temperature from 65 °F–70 °F with a relative humidity of about 50%. These arent always possible in a home environment, however, so if your photographs are especially important to you, you may want to consider storing them in a safe deposit box at your bank where the conditions are ideal.Do not store your negatives in the same place as your photographs. If something happens to your photos or albums, your negatives will stil l be available to reprint your treasured family heirloom.Avoid cheap drugstore-type photo albums, magnetic photo albums, and  paper and plastic storage products that arent specifically made for storing photos. Regular envelopes, ziplock bags and other things commonly used for photo storage arent always safe for your photos.  Use only lignin-free, acid-free, un-buffered paper  for  storing  photographs or as interleaving paper in albums.  Use only PVC-free plastics such as Polyester, Mylar, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and Tyvek.Water and fire can ruin your photos. Keep pictures away from fireplaces, heaters, dryers etc. Avoid water damage by storing photos on high shelves well away from water pipes and in locations not prone to flooding or leaks (dont store in the basement or in a closet which backs on a shower, tub or sink). What to Avoid Dirt, dust, and oils from your hands can cause permanent damage. You should handle prints and negatives along the edges, preferably while wearing white cotton gloves.Do not write on the back of your photos with standard ball-point or felt-tip ink pens. Unless it is marked specifically for use on photos, most ink contains acids which will eat away at and stain your photos over time. If you must mark a photo and dont have an acid-free photo marking pen available, then write lightly with a soft lead pencil on the back of the image.Do not use rubber bands or paper clips to hold photos together. Rubber bands contain sulfur which can cause your photo to deteriorate. Paper clips can scratch the surface of your photos or negatives. Clippings should be photocopied onto alkaline paper.Do not use paper clips to hold photos together or in albums. They can scratch the surface of your photos or negatives.Do not display important photos in your home. The glass can stick to the emulsion over time. S unlight will cause your photo to fade. If you want to display a precious photo, then have a copy made and display the copy!Do not use glues (especially rubber cement) or pressure sensitive tapes to mend photographs or hold them in albums.  Most glues contain substances such as sulfur and acids which will cause your photos to deteriorate. Look for special photo-safe glues and tapes in the archival section of your favorite photo or craft store.Avoid exposing photographic materials to anything containing sulfur dioxide, fresh paint fumes, plywood, cardboard, and fumes from cleaning supplies.Do not take special family photos (wedding photos, baby photos, etc.) to an inexpensive photo developer for processing, especially one hour services.  It is important that the film is developed with fresh chemicals and that the negatives are washed sufficiently (for at least an hour) and only professionals usually provide these services. Ask questions and make sure you get what you are paying fo r.

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Diversity Is A Wonderful Thing - 855 Words

Diversity Diversity means that there are many different kinds of things, also means a group of people who are from different ethnic, languages, religions, beliefs, cultural traditions which exist in one community (Cockrell, Placier, Cockrell Middleton, 1999). In these days, we are witnessing many of the ethnic diversity in all areas, including education. Ethnic diversity has become an important issue that must be considered carefully and find out its positive and negative aspects. Ethnic diversity is a wonderful thing because it allows people to get to know each other, and share cultural aspects. Additionally, it reduces the chances of developing bias, racism. As we know, many different cultures absolutely have positive and negative effects. Therefore, we must admit that learning to respect and appreciate each other s cultural and stylistic differences and becoming aware of unconscious assumptions and behaviors that may influence our interactions will enable us to minimize the challenges and derive maximum benefits from diversity. Diversity experiences can promote students’ learning and affect on critical thinking skill that is one of the most important goals of education (McMillan, 1987). One of the richest things for enhancing st udent learning in the classroom is the diversity of students themselves (Lynn,1998). So how does diversity effect on students, teachers and parent? Students Each child comes to the classroom with a wide pattern of differing experiences outsideShow MoreRelatedDiversity Is A Wonderful Thing?829 Words   |  4 PagesDiversity can be defined as people who come together from different races, religions and nationalities. Diversity is for us to understand and value the differences within the people around us. In my perspective, diversity is a wonderful thing because it gives me the chance to experience things outside of my normal comfort zone and to experience things that other people are normally accustomed to. I am the only Armenian in my group therefore, the way I think, the way I present myself is much differentRead MoreHow Diversity Is A Unique And Beautiful Final Project1634 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Studies. â€Å"The Big Idea† in my conceptual lesson plan is â€Å"Diversity†; how the ideas of many different people and cultures can come together to make something wonderful. I plan on basically making a puzzle of all the different kids who each put their original ideas and personalities on each puzzle piece to make it a very diverse and beautiful final project. I believe this will help kids understand that diversity is a wonderful part of living in America, because no two people are exactly theRead MoreSummary Of The Odd One Out 1271 Words   |  6 Pagesand the decision to surround such a historic artifact with a shopping district was done purposefully. The Church when seen seems very out of place in a street such as Newbury, however, the two polar opposite architectural masterpieces reflect the diversity of Newbury Street, and as to why it is referred to the time square of Boston. The different architecture invites different types of people to such a vibrant street making it not only a tourist attraction but also a street where people from all differentRead MoreCultural Diversity in the Workplace Essay968 Words   |  4 PagesErica L. Munsey Cultural Diversity In The Workplace Sociology 220B There is presently more than 60% percent of the United States work force that consist of immigrants, minorities and woman. Current studies show that in the next 10 – 15 years such groups will rise to 90% in the work force. Today’s leaders are now confronted with the challenges of how to effectively manage the work force that is increasing in the diverse lines of ethnicity, physical abilityRead MoreExploration Of Cultural Identity : A Small Part Of A Person s Identity885 Words   |  4 PagesExploration of Cultural Identity A large part of a person’s identity falls within their system of values, beliefs, ideas and biases. My own values and belief systems have morphed several times over the course of my life. Currently, I value family above all things. I define family both by blood relatives and close friends. My family is my support system and I am part of theirs. I would, will and do drop everything when a member of my family needs me. This very much influences the type of person I am and theRead MoreImagine, by John Lennon Analysis848 Words   |  3 Pageslike the thing that devide people in two groups, good people and the bad one. Because good people of course would have good attitude only to reach the heaven which they want. So I think they do a good things also only to reach the heaven, may be they don t really want to do the good things, they just afraid if they are not accepted in heaven. Moreover the hell would only makes us fright to do bad things. We do good things with no sincere. I t hink John Lennon thought if we do all things sincerelyRead More Workplace Observation Essay834 Words   |  4 Pagesengineers in service, installation, maintenance, manufacturing test and quality functions in a variety of industries throughout the world. I have only worked for DBS for 4 months and I am proud to be part of the organization. The work environment is wonderful, educational and enjoyable. Organizational Policies In DBS, the policies are an important management tool. Policies reflect the rules that control the performance of the organization processes. Every company that my organization has around theRead MoreFlawed Policy Failed Politics876 Words   |  4 Pagesgender diversity and the only way to really to do that would be to ensure parity of females and males in such industries but we then need to look at a whole new area of gender quotas. Could the article have drawn on previous results from experiments such as The Hawthorne Studies of Elton Mayo back in the 1920’s and linked it to females working in these industries in World War2 right up to the modern day? â€Å"Flawed Policy, Failed Politics? Challenging the Sexual Politics of Managing Diversity in EngineeringRead MoreIs Religious Diversity And Religious Influence Good Or Bad For Our Nation?1455 Words   |  6 PagesIs religious diversity and religious influence good or bad for our nation ? This is a complicated and complex question that causes frequent arguments because it has both negative and positive effects. In my opinion, I think religious diversity and influence are great things for the United States and any country for that matter as a nation. I say this because without religious diversity where would we be today? A religiously diverse nation is one that values the difference in people. I view religiousRead MoreCompensation And Benefits Of Employees1446 Words   |  6 PagesCompensation and Benefits When most people thing of compensation and diversity in the same category, they assume the discussion will be under the umbrella of discriminatory practices against women and minorities. However, compensation and benefits are tools at the disposal of human resources professionals for recruiting and retaining a diverse employee pool even in the absence of a formal diversity management programs. Like a properly executed training and development program, benefits packages can

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Western Mindset Vs. Eastern Mentality - 937 Words

The United States of America is a country that was founded by patriots who wanted to be free from the British. America today has a lot of cultural differences, mainly from the different cultures that are housed within the United States. Core values is the first segment under cultural differences. Some of America’s core values includes: liberty, self-government, equality, diversity and unity. The United States tendencies or characteristics is the second segment, examples include health, religion, and mobile phone revolution. The last segment is the Western Mindset vs. Eastern Mindset. Individualism is the main aspect of the western mindset. Whereas collectivism is mainly focused in the east. Core values, tendencies, and mindset of the country can affect components of an organization such as leadership, ethical behavior, and compensation. The differences in the organization needs to be managed by understanding values and seminars or training. The first topic is core values that most Americans try to live their lives by. According to, Core values is the basic set of beliefs, for the United States it includes liberty, self-government, equality, diversity and unity. Liberty is the belief people should be free to speak, act, or think on what they believe to be true. Liberty is what this country was built on, the right to be free. The second is self-government, which means the citizens have a right propose ideas or solutions to the government. Next, the value in whichShow MoreRelatedThe Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx Essay2047 Words   |  9 Pages1840’s, the idea has created turmoil and instilled fear in both the western world and eastern world alike. This philosophy, created by Karl Marx in his novel The Communist Manifesto has started wars, created a massive decline in productivity and destroyed the liberty of many deserving citizens. Leaders of communism, including Hugo Chavez and Joseph Stalin, have perfected the art of exploitation of the mind through mob mentality, or the human tendency to take on certain emotional, violent behaviorsRead MoreSamsung Case Study6174 Words   |  25 Pagesdues to global competition, therefore openness in discussing conflicts are critical to overcome those challenges. The collectivist culture could be going against Samsungs internal initiative to promote individual recognition which is a norm in Western cultures. In summary, Samsung will have to place more effort in bridging the corporate culture that it is trying to develop with the national culture. 3. Discuss possible solutions to foster and maintain an aligned culture Having an alignedRead MoreEssay on Microcultures in Canada7105 Words   |  29 PagesGia Long raised an army to expel foreign domination in 1802. Under his guidance, Vietnam became a united the nation for the first time ( In spite of this, independence was short lived as colonisation became prominent in the Western world. In the late 19th century France invaded the country, making Vietnam a French colony. The change of power caused some tensions to the region as internal and external forces pressured the French rule. In the mid 20th century, warfare once againRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pages GP NOTES 2010 (ESSAY) Content Page 1. Media a. New vs. Traditional b. New: narcissistic? c. Government Censorship d. Profit-driven Media e. Advertising f. Private life of public figures g. Celebrity as a role model h. Blame media for our problems i. Power + Responsibility of Media j. Media ethics k. New Media and Democracy 2. Science/Tech a. Science and Ethics b. Government and scientist role in science c. Rely too much on technology? d. Nuclear technologyRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pages Mercer University; Samuel Hazen, Tarleton State University; Michael B. McCormick, Jacksonville State University; Neil K. Friedman, Queens College; Lawrence Aronhime, John Hopkins University; Joseph Marrocco, Boston University; Morgan Milner, Eastern Michigan University; Souha Ezzedeen, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg; Regina Hughes, University of Texas; Karen Stewart, Stockton College; Francy Milner, University of Colorado; Greg M. Allenby, Ohio State University; Annette Fortia,Read MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagespsychologically; it is hard to imagine any business or nonbusiness organization that is not directly affected by globalization. Yet, as cultural, political, and economic differences persist, savvy international managers must be able to develop a global mindset in order to effectively adjust, adapt, and navigate the changing landscape they face on a day-to-day basis. In this new eighth edition of International Management, we have taken care to retain the effective foundation gained from research and practiceRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pagesvalue. Instead, they suggest, there is the need to develop highly sensitive environmental monitoring systems that are capable of identifying trends, opportunities and threats at a very early stage, and then an organizational structure and managerial mindset that leads to the organization respondi ng quickly and cleverly. Within this book we question these sorts of assumptions and focus instead upon the ways in which the marketing planning process can be developed and managed effectively and strategicallyRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesUniversity of New York William H. Bommer, Cleveland State University Bryan Bonner, University of Utah Jessica Bradley, Clemson University Dr. Jerry Bream, Empire State College/ Niagara Frontier Center Jim Breaugh, University of Missouri Peggy Brewer, Eastern Kentucky University Deborah Brown, North Carolina State University Reginald Bruce, University of Louisville Jeff Bruns, Bacone College Pamela Buckle, Adelphi University Patricia Buhler, Goldey-Beacom College Allen Bures, Radford University Edith BusijaRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagesare now empowered to compete globally regardless of country of origi n. Friedman projects that world economies will be dominated by empowered individuals, creating a business environment that is more diverse and less dominated by organizations in Western countries. You’ve already experienced the impact of Globalization 3.0. A shift has taken place in geographic labor supply and demand. Just as the industrial revolution changed national economies by shifting jobs from craftsmen to mass manufacturingRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesPerformance in school and performance on the job are usually measured by individual achievement. Sharing your ideas with others, or helping others to enhance their performance, is often viewed as contrary to one s self interest. This individualistic mentality has its place, but . . . it is no longer the most useful attitude for a workplace to possess in today s world. To create a high performance organization, you need employees who can work together in a way that promotes continua l learning and the